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Quirky Ways To Style Your Floors

Before finalising on the design of the flooring of your home, keep in mind some aspects such as textures, material and finish. Decorating the floors can be an altogether daunting task. Here are some quirky ways by Vikas Gupta, CEO, to style the interior floorings. Opt for wooden flooring Wooden flooring is a popular trend these days. You can choose from a wide range of maple wood to solid oak wood flooring and more. Add textures Another approach to accomplish an astonishing interior plan is texture. Indeed, you can try different things with different textures. They add some character and dramatisation to any space in the most exquisite manner. Add carpets Wood isn't as hard as tile, yet it does not have the required warmth and softness. Along these lines, adding carpets to wooden floors adds some character to the space. You may choose from a wide range of carpets differing in patterns, designs and colours. Colours that complement the hardwood In the past years, wooden flooring did go with extreme colours. But recent trends show their inclination towards the neutral palette. Fancy finishes Wood floors look significant when you finish them. No doubt that a matte floor gives the home an uplift and a warm feel, but the smooth finishing will never go out of style. You can utilise oil finishes, or defensive layers to give your floor an exceptional final detail, and furthermore, shield the wood from undesirable dampness and scratches. Use ceramic Tiles If wooden flooring options is not your style, you can switch to tiles decoration any day. With an exciting range of colours, patterns and shapes to choose from, there are tiles for every style of home. Decorative floor plants Plants for your home not only decorate but also beautify the floorspace. They also have incredible medical advantages. They help to clean the air by eliminating carbon dioxide and residue particles. House plants include: Majestic Palm, Lucky Bamboo, Snake Plant etc. Always be certain your floor is in an acceptable condition prior to adding beautiful components that feature it. Ensure whatever you pick works with the rest of the room's decor and doesn't conflict.


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