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This beauty brand aims to give sustainable support to children

Children are among the biggest victims of Covid-19. According to The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, over 1 lakh children have lost one or both of their parents during the pandemic, leaving them orphaned partially or entirely or abandoned by relatives. The crisis is having a profound effect on the well-being and healthcare of children. Additionally, children living in child care institutions and centres are impacted due to a lack of essential items such as dry rations, personal care products and medical facilities. The disruption of education caused by Covid-19 is adversely impacting education wherein children cannot cope up owing to a lack of adequate online education tools and digital infrastructure.

The Body Shop India, an activist and global beauty brand, held a virtual event to introduce #LightALittleLife. The initiative is aimed to provide sustainable support for children who have lost their parents, caregivers and family livelihoods due to the pandemic. The launch event was joined by actor, Sanya Malhotra as the Chief Brand Advocate. Light A Little Life aims to support such disadvantaged children impacted by Covid-19. It has partnered with Miracle Foundation India to provide vital education and healthcare support for these children. This initiative will provide school supplies, coaching, tutor support; internet connectivity for online learning; timely medical tests, prescriptions, supplements; access to quality healthcare inclusive of emergency healthcare.

Shriti Malhotra, CEO, The Body Shop India, said, "We need to build programs to create impact at the grassroots where it is needed the most. When looking into a cause as sensitive and delicate as children who have lost their families due to Covid -- it becomes crucial that we are open to conversations that help us understand the problem and build a program that makes a difference to help these precious little lives. Our conversations today will be the main source of our collective actions -- varied thoughts, voices and contributions are what can really bring about collective change so all of us, in our capacities can contribute to creating a more just and equitable future for these children."

Sanya Malhotra, Chief Brand Advocate, passionately shared her insights. "I believe that change starts from within ourselves and our own surroundings. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity of portraying strong female characters in my field of work, thus prompting the underlying conversations around the role of women in families, the freedom to make choices and gender empowerment in our society. I strongly advocate these conversations about the issues that affect vulnerable children and families. I urge everyone to collectively come forward to participate, create dialogues and contribute towards the 'Light a Little Life' program and bring as much positive change as possible."

The brand is raising funds at all of its points of sale, including its 200+ retail stores and online store at, by accepting voluntary customer donations of at least Rs 20. Over the next five months, the brand hopes to raise consciousness, match every customer donation and raise a minimum of Rs 2 million for the children of Miracle Foundation.

In line with the guiding principles of 'The Body Shop', this initiative is a call to action to facilitate change for children. It will be a stage to listen to their stories, learn from conversations with change-makers, form opinions, mobilize people and work together for the betterment of the community. Light a Little Life program's purpose is to help these children sustain themselves in society and to get equal opportunities for a better life.

India Country Head for Miracle Foundation India, Nivedita Das Gupta, said, "The impact of the pandemic on children is multifold. While we can quantify the number of children, the numerous issues they face, right from emotional turmoil, lack of food, loss of education etc certainly creates a sense of unease and uncertainty among them. The need of the hour is for each one of us to understand our responsibility and contribute towards filling this gap and ensuring that children are protected and supported. Children are at the heart of our foundation, each program is made for them in a way that helps ensure holistic development. Our aim is to rebuild the roofs over their heads with kindness, love and care thus giving way to a future where they can excel and thrive in their chosen paths."

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