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Top 12 Famous Ganpati Pandals Across Mumbai to Visit This Ganesh Chaturthi 2023

‘The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals celebrated in India’ says Dr Niraalee Shah, perfectly describes the vibe of Indian Festivals. We all know Mumbaikars are always hyped about celebrations and festivals but amongst all, the most awaited and widely celebrated Indian festival is Ganesh Chaturthi! Mumbai, often called the "City of Dreams," undergoes a remarkable transformation during the annual Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

This vibrant celebration sees the installation of magnificent Ganesh idols across the city, each with its unique charm and significance. Among these idols, 10 stand out, captivating the hearts of millions and reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Mumbai. Each pandal exudes a unique charm, combining religious fervor with artistic expressions. In this article, we embark on a spiritual journey to explore these famous Ganpati Pandals, their specialities, and the devotion that surrounds them.


Lalbaugcha Raja, affectionately known as the "King of Lalbaug," commands attention with its magnificent grandeur. Devotees flock to this iconic idol with an unwavering belief that their deepest wishes will be granted in its divine presence, making it a symbol of boundless faith. One of the most popular Ganesha idols in Mumbai is the Lalbaugcha Raja. Ganeshotsav in Mumbai is identified from the Lalbaugcha Raja idol.

It is considered the ‘Navsacha Ganpati’ the ‘one who fulfils all wishes’ so even many famous personalities visit here to pray and make wishes with Bappa. The uniqueness of Lalbaugcha Raja is that the Ganesh statue has the same appearance and adornments every year, giving it a distinct identity and making it very well-known. You won’t be able to stand on the streets during the Ganesha Visarjan, which takes place after 11 days, as the devotees celebrate their farewell with vigour. The grandeur of Lalbaugcha Raja in Mumbai is just unmissable Ganesha Pandal.

Location – Lalbaug market, GD Goenka Road, Lalbaug

Best time to visit – Anytime during the day.

Attraction – 18-20 feet tall Ganesha idol, Padya pujan, Aagman Sohala, Décor, Visarjan Sohala.


Mumbaicha Raja stands as a testament to innovation and social consciousness. With its ever-evolving and socially relevant themes, it captures the essence of devotion while addressing contemporary issues, making it a unique and powerful symbol of devotion and awareness.

Ganesh Gali Ganpati Idol known as Mumbaicha Raja is one of the oldest and most popular Ganesh Pandal in Mumbai. Located just a few lanes away from Lalbaugcha Raja, it is adored by many Mumbaikars for decades. The pandal is well-known for presenting unique and creative décor themes every year. The Ganesh Gali Mandal is also famous for promoting eco-friendly Ganeshotsav by creating a natural idol of Ganesha that’s environmentally friendly. Ganesha statue remains for 10 days so don’t miss a chance to visit here.

Location – Ganesh Galli, Lalbaug

Best time to visit – Anytime during the day

Attraction – 22 feet tall Ganesh statue, Décor, Padya pujan, Visarjan sohala, Prasadam.


GSBS Seva Mandal is one of Mumbai’s richest Ganesh pandals, located at King Circle near Matunga. This famous Gold Ganesha of Mumbai is made of more than 60 kg of gold and is also one of the eco-friendly Ganesh idols in Mumbai. The Mandal is renowned for its traditional celebrations and religious pooja performance, letting devotees who maintain a suitable traditional attire partake in the religious rituals.

This pandal is always packed with devotees since the Ganesh statue is only here for 5 days and one should definitely not miss it. GSB Seva Mandal's Ganesh idol is renowned for its opulent jewelry offerings, rendering it one of Mumbai's wealthiest idols. Beyond its opulence, the Mandal is celebrated for its philanthropic initiatives, combining devotion and charity in a harmonious blend.

Location – GSB Sports Club Ground, Near SNDT Women’s College, King’s Circle, Matunga

Best time to visit – 6 AM to 11 PM

Attraction – The 14 feet tall gold adorned idol, traditional décor, and prasadam.


Khetwadicha Ganraj's colossal size and breath-taking decorations, particularly its intricate crown, evoke a sense of awe and majesty. It stands as a testament to the city's artistry and devotion.This award-winning Khetwadi Ganraj is said to be one of Mumbai’s most beautiful Ganesh idols in Mumbai. The Mandal has been known as the ‘Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Khetwadi Mandal’ since 1970 when the area was teeming with Parsi, Marathi, Muslim, Christians, and Hindus who all supported Lokmanya Tilak’s initiative to foster unity via the Ganesh Utsav celebration.

The Mandal rose to fame for creating the largest Ganesh statue in Indian history, which was 40 feet tall. One of the most appealing aspects of the Khetwadi Cha Ganraj idol is that there is a Ganesh idol in almost every lane in the neighborhood.

Location – 12th Lane Khetwadi, Girgaum

Best time to visit – Anytime during the day

Attraction – 28-35 feet tall Ganesha idol, Décor, Aagman sohala, Visarjan sohala.


Andhericha Raja is as well-known in the suburbs as Lalbaugcha Raja is in South Bombay, so visit both when you’re looking for the most famous Ganesh Pandals in Mumbai. During Ganesh Chaturthi, many celebrities and well-known personalities visit there. Every year, the idol looks the same, and the Mandal has been working towards being more environmentally friendly since last year. The Mandal was created in 1966 by Tobacco Company, Tata Special Steel, and Excel Industries Ltd personnel who relocated from Lalbaug to Andheri. Every year, Andhericha Raja Mandal has a broad and innovative theme, making it one of Mumbai’s most famous Ganesh Pandals.

Location – Veera Desai Road, Azad Nagar, Andheri (West)

Best time to visit – 5 AM to 12 PM

Attraction – 12-15 feet tall Ganesha idol, Décor, Prasadam, Aarti, Visarjan sohala.


Girgaoncha Raja, known for its meticulous artistry, captures hearts with its intricate designs, especially the exquisite jewelry and attire adorning the idol. It's a celebration of craftsmanship and devotion.

Lokmanya Tilak established the first and oldest Mandal, Keshavi Naik Chawl Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal in Girgaum. He was the first to place a big clay statue of Lord Ganesh in a public spot, starting off the 10 day celebration. This Mandal’s Ganesh idol is crafted of Shadu clay and is eco-friendly. The idol is elegantly embellished with the traditional Maharashtrian Pheta (Turban), which has been synonymous with it through the years.

Location – Charni Road Railway Station

Best time to visit – 9 am – 6 pm

Attraction – 18-20 feet tall Ganesh statue, Decor, Aarti, Aagman sohala, Visarjan sohala.


Chinchpoklicha Chintamani's fame lies in its immersive experience, with elaborate decorations and thematic sets surrounding the idol. It offers a unique and enchanting journey for devotees. Chinchpokli Cha Raja, also known as Chintamani, is a “wish-fulfilling jewel” known not only for its Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations but also for its grand greeting ritual that takes place at Chinchpokli.

Throughout the year, about 60% of the money collected by the Mandal is used on social services. The late Vijay Khatu made an 18-foot Ganesh idol every year. Two years ago the pandal was inspired by the blockbuster epic film Baahubali. “It was Khatu sir’s final idol.” and one of the first to be done by his daughter Reshma Khatu.

Location – Dattaram Lad Marg, Outside Chinchpokli station

Best time to visit – 10 AM to 5 PM

Attraction – Padya pujan, Aagman sohala, 23 feet tall Ganesh statue, Visarjan sohala.


Another pandal known for its grand decoration is Fortcha Icchapurti; they usually make replicas of various palaces. While last year, a large 40-feet elephant gate was made, In this year a replica of Bikaner Palace with marble effects is in store for the devotees, made by a team led by art director Anant Savant. Also, trying to ensure that they do their bit for their environment, the structures will be made of reusable fiber.

Location – Mint Rd, opp. GPO, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001

Nearest Railway Station - Western line: Churchgate | Central line:

(Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus)

Best time to visit - Anytime during the day.


Known for its unique themes every year, Sahyadri Krida Mandal is propagating ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan’ this year. The grand decoration is erected on a 25-feet tall and 120-feet wide structure. Previously they had paid an ode to 100 years of Bollywood and created replicas of the Varanasi Ghats, Dakshineshwar temple, and the Kung Fu Panda village.

“A lot of thought goes into the construction of our structures each year. Our president Rahul Walanj starts thinking about the next Ganpati as soon as one is over,” said Jaya Shetty, vice president.

Location - Tilak Nagar, Chembur

Nearest Railway Station - Central line: Vidyavihar; harbour line: Tilak Nagar

Best time to visit - Between 3PM and midnight


The idol in this particular Pandal has acquired the attention of all the devotees from far and wide. Here Ganpati Bappa can be seen standing majestically next to a ferocious tiger and on top of Mahishasura while being surrounded by a multi headed Sheshnaag. the towering elaborate Ganesh Murti here also displays 8 arms which is a rare sight and ranks among one of the must visit Pandals in Mumbai. The idol here also won the best Pandal prize in the year 2012 and it has been among one of the most awaited places to visit in Mumbai during the holy occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

No matter where you go for Pandal hopping in Mumbai you will be having the time of your life with loving people, friendly locals and an overall atmosphere of devotion and spirituality to the lord. However these few places are a must visit if you are looking for a wholesome and enigmatic way of spending Ganesh Chaturthi.

Location – Chira Bazaar

Nearest Railway Station – CST Station or Marine Lines

Best time to visit – 8 am to 7 pm


Last year this was one of the most talked about and ranked among one of the most visited Pandals in Mumbai. Here the Ganesha was seen seated on top of a massive horse which was a never seen before site and it surely garnered a huge audience of devotees. The initial years saw the lord seated majestically atop a tiger as well which made it the talk of the town. This year also they promise on pleasantly surprising their visitors. Other than this the vibrant atmosphere and spiritually evoking feeling offered in this Pandal is incomparable to anywhere else.

Location – Kamathipura

Nearest Railway Station – Mumbai Central

Best time to visit – 10 am – 10 pm


The Mandal for Dongricha raja was established in the year 1939 and is a very special Pandal since it is set up with great enthusiasm and vibrancy in a Muslim dominated area. This doesn’t matter though since every ritual here takes place with great love, respect and peace. Another interesting thing about this Pandal is the donation camps organized by the Mandal as a motive of helping out those in need and lesser fortunate people. Their unique themes are one of the major attractions and the most awaited attractions here for e.g. in the year 2017 the theme was dedicated to the Indian Army.

Location – Chinchbunder Dongri Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav Mandal

Nearest Railway Station - Charni Road | Sandhurst Road Raliway Station

Best time to visit – 9 am to 7 pm

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