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Vegan beauty is trending

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

New Delhi, June 27 2020 - A large population around the world is demanding organic or vegan beauty products and shoppers are now becoming more aware of how harmful chemicals can affect their skin. Vegan beauty has become more and more popular in recent years as the wellness arena has expanded; it has pretty much crossed over to the mainstream. Lifestyle choices such as veganism and clean eating have opened more opportunities for essential and natural skin care products. Eco-conscious consumers are increasingly making the shift from mass produced to eco-friendly goods in order to reduce the harm caused to the environment and are switching to sustainable skin care products which also means contributing to protecting the environment. South Korean beauty brand Jejuindi has introduced its whole range of organic products like Anti-Ageing Rich Cream Face Serums, Moisturisers/Spray, Face Mask Serum, Face Wash, Body/Face light Cream. With the onset of monsoon, skin care is of utmost importance and our tropical temperature, variations in humidity and pollution necessitates skin care. The natural plant based brand features products which have more vitamins and minerals that the skin absorbs quickly. The products introduced in India are anti-bacterial, anti-ageing and they soothe the skin in fluctuating climate. Sanjay Singh, Country Head Jejuindi-India said, "Jejuindi-India is striving to bring in the best vegan and animal cruelty free products for Indian consumers. Great Skin doesn't happen by chance, so living up to their motto 'Skin-Care First, Make Up Second', the natural skin-care products are essential for your daily skin care routine. We are introducing pure natural essential skincare products range specially catered for Indian beauty market. Over the last few years, the relations between India-South Korea relations have made great strides and taking advantage of the situation, Jejuindi may look at their own manufacturing unit in India in the near future." He adds further, "Having the Indian markets surveyed on various counts, Jejuindi-India is launching more suitable vegan products specially curated for the 'Indian Skin tone' and to fight the tropical weather. Also in today's situation, continuous use of sanitizer on hands is damaging the texture of the skin and disturbing PH balance. Using these products will provide the hand adequate moisturizer needed to keep it soft." Some popular products for Indian skin care are Indigo Gel Cream, Indigo Spray Mist for Day skin care, Camellia Rich Ageing Cream and Camellia Seed Oil for night skin care. Along with these the brand has also launch its patented beauty products made from camellia flowers, indigo plant, Portulacae herbs, seaweed, and tangerines.


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