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Xtraview – A Digital Platform for Students to Showcase Who They Are, In Their Own Words

Digitization is driving the Pandemic and people in the digital world are evolving with every passing day. If it's anything the past 2 years have taught us, it’s the importance of preparation and how to use technology to your advantage.

Xtraview was established in 2020 by Kavitta B Bedi and Katherine Ernst Mehta. This project came together when Kavitta’s daughter was applying for universities, and she realized the importance of children being able to express themselves in their words. On the other hand, Katherine is an education adviser and mentors children from many countries in their overseas application process. Given the challenges of the pandemic, students had had their exposure curbed.

Xtraview is a digital platform that enables students to give a face and voice to the paper-based application ensuring that the student applying can showcase their communication and verbal skills.

Tang Magazine discussed the details for this project that is now a success and has benefitted many students in their application and preparation process.

What is Xtraview?

Kavitta: Normal jobs and interviews are too precise, and recruiters usually don’t penetrate below the top academic percentile of students. We know that many talented children do not get the chance to present themselves as candidates. With Xtraview, they can record interviews, have one-on-one feedback and counselling session with the experts whose input the students perfect their interview and communication skills.

Katherine: In my experience as an education adviser, I’ve been able to work with many students who just need a push, a little mentoring. They feel that they are much more than the paper introductions and this program helps them convey their interests effectively. We know that recruiters are not looking for the perfect grade. Personality, interests, passions, are important equally as these students if discovered, are an asset to any organization they study/work at.

How has response and growth been for Xtraview in the past year?

Kavitta: We had partnered with The Big Red Group to sponsor the Harvard Youth Lead the Change conference wherein a nationwide campaign with 140 schools, students had applied for the scholarship. The shortlisted applicants participated in our workshop and their digital interview was included in their Harvard YLC application. 2 students had gotten full scholarships and one wild card entry student had attained a half scholarship into the program. We look forward to more collaborations and for students to achieve their pave their path.

Katherine: Given that we are just a year old, we were able to make a big impact and with feedback and observation, we have introduced different programs for different age groups; from as early as 6th grade, we’ve introduced Xtraprep workshops that begin the honing process for high school students, right up to college students applying for universities or graduates applying for first jobs. This was important as interests and communication skills evolve with each stage and the workshops understand the difference.

This platform showcases students’ analytical and critical thinking as different questions for each student are answered in extempore settings and live writing samples give a true picture of the candidate's writing skills.

The dedicated team at Xtraview records unbiased interviews and shares these with institutions in an unedited version.

Other than students, this platform is also beneficial for Institutions and Organisations. It promotes equity in admissions as the unscripted 10-minute recorded interviews gives an opportunity to truly assess the skills that matter. It can save a lot of time as recorded interviews are an incredibly efficient way to evaluate applicants.

Xtraview’s potential is vast and unique, its success and outreach credited to the vision and entrepreneurial efforts of the Founders, Kavitta B Bedi and Katherine Ernst Mehta. Mothers and successful businesswomen in their fields are dedicated to recognizing and encouraging the potential in the youth and their dreams.

To know more about the founders, please refer to the profile interview by Tang Magazine.

Find Xtraview on:

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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