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Ankita Sule

Updated: May 25, 2021

PR, Social Media and Brand Professional

“I am a PR, Social Media and Brand Professional and have worked with notable businesses and personalities. I have also co-authored a book named “The Power of Why” and run a company for Kids’ Activities and Personality Development. I also contribute to charities and social work advocating Women's Safety and prevention of Child Abuse. Have I mentioned I am 26 years old?

Growing up, I was an average student and always one to have more interests in extra-curricular activities. I was shy but I was always interested in creative expression. Any subjects that I excelled in, were those that required abstract thinking and were skill-based. Believer in academics, but I have always felt that being able to find our passion and articulating them should be encouraged from a young age as we were raised in a house full of values, ethics, and humanity.

I realized that since I had started my entrepreneurial journey at a young age, I want to do the same for children and so with Spell Bee Carnival, we are able to present children with numerous activities that enhance their interests and passion.

Activities and competitions that offer interactive and personality development, abstract thinking, team building, enhancing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and learning through experience. With Spell Bee, I find myself constantly encouraging parents as well as children why it’s okay to have more than one interests, and it is wonderful to see the kids have fun. It’s all about children being themselves! The fashion shows I work with are not professionally choreographed because we see how much it motivates a child by just being on stage. I have always encouraged for the parents to let their children learn through their endeavors. As it is known, children learn through observation, it isn’t too difficult when it isn’t all books and exams. I am extremely passionate about Spell Bee Carnival and look forward to increasing its reach, participation and digitization soon.

My mantra for success comes from Passion, Communication and Personality Development. While I may seem young, I have gathered enough experience for a 26-year old and I am very grateful for my achievements. My motto in life is to “Be your own Torchbearer, decide what you want to do because It's better to live with ‘oops’ than ‘what-if’ in life.”

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed


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