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Shining the light on female athletes

The success story of Indian female athletes is gaining momentum in recent times and it's vital to shine the light on them as they keep reaching new heights annually. If you seek motivation or want to be more intentional with your time on Instagram, consider following these accounts. These women have overcome incredible challenges and made India proud.

  • Simran Verma

Meet Simran, a female boxer and silver medal winner of the Youth National Championship and Asian Championship silver medalist, whose unwavering dedication to her sport has propelled her to remarkable heights. She resonates deeply within the boxing community, and her Instagram profile serves as a one-stop destination for budding women boxers to learn more about training and prove themselves in the ring.

  • Avani Lekhara

The first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Paralympics, Avani has made history. Her Instagram offers a profound glimpse into the world of Paralympic shooting, shedding light on the nuances between an abled and differently-abled body. Through her platform, she champions the message of celebrating one's uniqueness and defying biases to achieve success. Additionally, she connects with other para-athletes for advice. Avani’s story inspires individuals worldwide, showcasing the power of determination and breaking barriers to pursue one's dreams.

  • Sheetal Devi

Sheetal is a para-archer who has defied all odds to claim historical achievements, including winning a silver medal at the World Archery Para Championships in India. Her Instagram account reflects her inspiring journey, one of positivity and resilience. She encourages people to believe in their dreams despite any obstacles to spreading awareness about para-archery and serves as a role model for young people, especially those facing challenges.

  • Aditi Chauhan

Aditi, the Indian women's football goalkeeper, has defied stereotypes and made history in the sport for over 14 years, from playing in England's league to triumphs in the Indian Women's League. Despite facing ACL injuries, Aditi’s passion for representing India has never wavered. She founded the She Kicks Football Academy and the Aditi Chauhan Foundation, empowering underprivileged girls through football. Her Instagram account exemplifies dedication to breaking barriers and advancing women's football in India, inspiring future generations.

  • Bhavinaben Patel

Meet Bhavinaben, the Indian para-table tennis player who made history by becoming the first to win a silver medal in both the Asian Games and Paralympics in Tokyo. On her Instagram, she offers more than just glimpses into her training sessions; it's a source of inspiration and motivation. With messages emphasizing patience, focus, and dedication, her account is a must-follow for anyone seeking to incorporate her winning mindset into their daily routine. Just as one cannot skip meals, one cannot afford to overlook the valuable lessons she shares.

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