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Roshni Pratap Singh

Artist - Florid Art Box

I grew up in a big joint family of highly educated individuals who are fun but crazy and for some godforsaken reason believed that education and marriage is the only solution to all life problems. There was nothing above and beyond. My mom wanted me to be a dentist, dad was an engineer and a doctor, so he hoped I would become either one these. Rest of the family was obsessed with these 4 titles- doctor, lawyer, engineer or BRIDE if nothing else! Yes, that's a title too. I am not even joking!

I, on the other hand, was a total tomboy, who kept daydreaming of being a mechanic, carpenter or painter when I grow up. I loved playing around with tools, colours, assembling and unassembling things. My poor family! Luckily for them, I evolved, a tad bit. So did they!

Unlike them, I was an average student with no major accomplishments to boast about. I started working when I was 18yrs, did my bachelors through a distance which didn't even count back then. But I still managed to land jobs with best names in the country across verticals. However, I aspired to be an entrepreneur! But wait, I failed to get a degree from a regular college and I didn't even become a bride. Such a waste of life! No, I didn't think that but my family did! They supported me in everything I did, but just didn't approve of anything I did. Nevertheless, after quitting my last job, I started a small recruitment firm called Corrin Wilson- Career Crafters. Despite that, I still felt a void and went through a period of existential crisis. I was going crazy trying to figure out my soul purpose, my calling or my passion whatever you call that. In my head, it was chaos!

So at the helm of a series of personal experiences, I found solace in the intricacies of art. It taught me how to channelise my emotions productively and also brought a sense of calm. All the art, artists and designers surrounding me inspired me to a whole new level. And that's what led me to start my new venture, Florid Art Box. But not before going through massive bouts of self-doubt, contemplation and low confidence. My dream is finally taking shape.

A beautiful quote by poetic evolution-

The woman I was yesterday, introduced me to the woman I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman I will become tomorrow.

Roshni Pratap Singh

Florid Art Box


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