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Rosie Gulati

Founder - DressBio

DressBio is inspired by the fierce, independent and beautiful women, and each design created by DressBio is a testament of classic, old world charm fused with modern, innovative elegance. With every thoughtful stitch on carefully selected fabric, with every intricate detail on a single design, DressBio weaves the complexity of the contemporary woman in their clothing.

The founder, Rosie Gulati switched her full time travel job to pursue her career to explore her passion for clothes and fashion. It’s where the journey of an entrepreneur started almost six years back. And today, she is ready to launch her own luxury fashion clothing label, DressBio.

On the launch of the brand, Ms. Rosie Gulati, Founder, DressBio said, “I am super thrilled and excited to officially announce the online launch of my brand DressBio. It is the ultimate experiential brand and a definition of modern art for me. I believe in keeping the contemporary style trending, and passionately design customisable collections for the empowered consumer base of women”.

She further added, “We’ve been working tirelessly on every detail, every design and every idea of every single aspect to meet the luxury standards and keep up with the expectation of our potential customers”.

The brand offers a wide range of collections which includes customised apparels and accessories. The contemporary line features a neutral palette and free-flowing shapes like kaftans, wrap dresses, belted off-shoulder midis and plated jacket dresses for year-round versatility and re-wearability. Every outfit has a story behind it which reflects the indo-western fusion nature of the designer herself.

The brainchild of Rosie Gulati, DressBio is a stunningly powerful ode, meant to deliver the feeling of empowerment… from one ambitious woman to another.

The debut launch collection, “Wild Beauty” is created for a grand purpose and inspired by the lotus flowers... fully grounded in the earth, aspiring towards the divine, ever blooming from within towards the sunlight.

The label DressBio is an innovative and unique experiment in the field of high-end retail. As it is, this segment has suffered a lot due to the ongoing Pandemic, so uplifting the market strategy and studying consumer behaviour has become the first and foremost step for them to introduce a new luxury fashion brand in the industry. The connoisseurs of fashion will get an opportunity to witness Rosie Gulati’s designs from up-close as they explore the designer’s tastefully-done web boutique,


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