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Sushma Koradia - Mumbai-based designer

Sushma Koradia is a Mumbai based fashion designer, what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her fashion label "Fresh Closet", Mumbai’s only “By Appointment” fashion atelier. Sushma Koradia fashioned her alcove in the scintillating world of couture by creating spectacular, classy and chic women and men wear ensembles. Fashion is something she is passionate about, the most exhilarating way of propagating her experiences, enthusiasm and reverie with her esteemed clientele.

Sushma Koradia is a sustainable fashion designer with an innovative and creative mind-set who brings new ideas and approaches to textile and garment production, with a focus on minimizing their environmental and social impacts. She is a designer who thinks beyond the traditional fashion industry's "fast fashion" model, which offers clothing that has been produced quickly and cheaply. Instead, she prioritizes the quality, longevity, and durability of their pieces, making pieces that are designed to last and reduce the need to buy new clothes frequently.

Sushma Koradia puts sustainability at the heart of her designing process, sourcing materials that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced, such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, recycled fabrics, or low-impact dyes. She works with her clientele to recycle and redesign ensembles from their old sarees, lenghas, anarkali, kurtas, gowns, blouses and left over fabric. Further, she designs ceremonial wear and twinning outfits for different occasions and events.

Sushma Koradia sustainable design strategy allows them to combine innovative design that is meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically and ethically responsible. She prioritizes the use of natural materials that are renewable, biodegradable, and can be recycled, and they design their pieces to minimize waste by producing minimal scraps or using them for future collections.

Sushma Koradia promotes sustainable fashion practices by educating customers on the impact of their choices, such as the carbon footprint of their purchases, and encouraging them to make more informed fashion choices that prioritize sustainability and giving her clients a fresh closet with trending ensembles.

Guest Author

Dr. Niraalee Shah

Founder: Image Building and Etiquette Mapping


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