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Swati Pasari

Artist - Soulink

After finishing her business studies in Australia, Swati was all determined to join her family business in Kolkata. Hailing from an affluent Marwari family of Kolkata, Swati soon realized that she is not fit for this number-crunching role in the metal trade.

She was more of a people’s person and found her calling in spreading happiness and positivity. She started painting and enrolled her for sessions in Pranic healing. Also, she started helping her Grand Father in running his NGO in Benaras. While Pranic Healing helped Swati find a way to express her inner soul through her paintings, her work at NGO fuelled her determination to help the poor and needy and bring smiles to their faces.

Swati’s Art Brand, Soulink, took shape in 2007 and she held her first exhibition in the year 2008. Her artworks are mostly painted in bright and colourful hues which instantly radiate happiness and peace. “Through my art, I believe in spreading an aura of peace, happiness and most importantly positivity.”

For Swati, the act of creating a work of art is synonymous with following a particular train of thought, developing and working on them unless the thought is translated seamlessly in her creations. When she paints, it is more like letting her emotions flow without any obstruction. She can never pinpoint when and how the painting will end, it is just an inner joy which she feels when her inner thoughts are translated into her painting and that is when she knows, her work is done.

Today, all of 33 years, Swati has travelled across the World exhibiting her all so happy Artworks & Sculptures. “It gives me immense joy when people come back to buy more of my happy Art as they feel the positivity and happiness, my artwork is charged with. Further, the money earned is majorly going to my NGO”, where I am the youngest and the only female Chairperson, she says. Her Sheer determination and dedication to make this world a happy place is fairly evident from her artwork and the happy faces of people at her NGO.

This urge to spread happiness around is definitely a reflection of the beautiful and happy soul of the artist.


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