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Komal Jain

Founder - YogaLand

Jack of all Trades, Master of None is a saying we have all heard of and while some may be comfortable with this, there are others who are struggling to find that one outlet to source all the energy, creativity, and the ambition there sits within.

Komal Jain comes from a textile background and to be able to discover what her calling was, she tried her hand at everything, working in different sectors, learning new skills, and building experience along the way. Komal’s wakeup call happened when she had her baby.

She says, “pregnancy made me realise that I needed my Ikigai in life, and quick.” Komal believes that everyone, at least once in life, reaches a stage when they need to gather themselves and reevaluate what needs to be fixed and what needs to be prioritized. This was her moment.

Having tried her hand at various things, Komal wanted to now focus on one goal that would bring her joy, productivity, and fulfillment. “Being a Yoga Practitioner all my life, I realized that was the constant energy I had and wanted to build on.” Komal founded YogaLand in 2017, Inspired by India’s spirit and introverted nature, the label redirects a new way to uphold ancient wisdom, where material muse launches the soul's threshold.

Practicing yoga with the family has been one of her earliest childhood memories and this custom has played a vital role in her personal development since. The inception of this brand came from Komal's desire to share this lifestyle with the world through her expression and understanding of art. Her refined eye, understanding of the need for eco-friendly yoga accessories in the market today along with the knowledge of fashion has inserted a beautiful spark to Yoga Land's progressive aesthetic.

How did Komal balance it all? For any new mother, this stage is crucial and one might have different opinions about the prioritization of tasks when it comes to managing home and work. Here, Komal adds that the reason for her to start her venture along with a new-born was consciously made because, like she says, “we all have emotional, financial, creative needs which only we know how to fulfil and women have already been doing this all their lives for others. If something does fulfil her, then she should be able to do it.”

Komal’s took this ambition to flight by balancing her motherhood, work and success all into stride. She says that involving her baby during her day meant establishing structure, focus and harmony so that all those facets can be accomplished. “I would go to work and take my son, keeping him busy in the playpen. This did not have to necessarily have me choose between my tasks. Attaining balance took time but with this, my child knew how to grow along with a working mother and be a part of my journey.”

Young working mothers face challenges with adjusting to new roles and tasks and for those who are looking to start a business of their own, Komal says that there is no other right time if you are not aware of yourself. She says that a person’s strength lies in Awareness, Ambition and Creativity. “When we are aware of our situation, strengths and needs, we try to look for focus and solutions to achieve that goal. This fire needs to be strong in every person to be able to bring a change in their lives.” We could not agree more.

- Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed

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